Should You Join A Blogging Site Or Not?

Join A Blogging Site Or Not

There are numerous advantages to joining a blogging site that is well-established, such as blogger or live journal. This is particularly true for novice bloggers. When a site hosts many various blogs, it usually has helpful tutorials about updating and building your blog, so you’re likely to come across a well-developed and user-friendly interface when you use an established site for blogging. Additionally, such sites give you a sort of instantaneous community where you’re surrounded by fellow bloggers that can give you feedback, insight, and advice. Such established sites typically keep membership directories, which is good for your own traffic logs, since it means other bloggers across that site are going to find out about you.

On the other hand, linking up with a larger blogging site does have some disadvantages. When you post your content inside the established templates, like blogger has, you do run the risk of having a cookie-cutter blog like anyone else’s. The movement around blogging heavily emphasizes creating unique sites where distinct voices are developed, so it makes a lot of sense that quite a few bloggers would choose to stay away from a repetitive feel these sites peddle. A lot of bloggers feel that a blog’s content is what should make it distinct, rather than the blog’s appearance. However, many bloggers also believe that a blog’s visual impact needs to match the writing’s originality and distinctiveness.

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