All About The Controversy Around Corporate Blogging

Controversy Around Corporate Blogging

Controversy Around Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is a controversial marketing tool that is still in its infancy. Hence, it is still too early to make predictions on the success or failure of corporate blogging. The process can result in a new type of marketing strategy for big businesses out there. Many businesses are already searching for methods of capitalizing on this new marketing trend. In fact, many of these businesses have already created blogs on their corporate website in order to take advantage of this trend.

The blog content has a lot to do with the products and services provided by the company and very little to do with the company itself. These blogs cater to the demographic that the company has its major share of potential customers. Such a blog is likely to provide content that will help attract the attention of the surfer. There are times when the content is no relevant to the product or service offered by the company.

Corporate blogging shows that this exciting marketing tool has already infiltrated the mainstream. It enhances the prospects of the average blogger. But some bloggers have a negative opinion about the future of blogging due to the arrival of corporate blogging. In fact, they assume that the viral marketing practiced by corporate blogs are distasteful or unethical. However, we need to watch the evolution of corporate blogs to see whether they survive in the long run. All in all, corporate blogging provides an interesting insight into today’s consumer behavior.

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